June 2020: Special Elections and Primaries

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Is it Tuesday? Well then, there’s probably an election happening somewhere in America.

Do you share my goal of increasing awareness of elections and boosting turnout in 2020? If so, please vote if there is an election happening in your district. Then, consider sharing this information to spread the word. Post it on your social media account or ping a friend who lives in one of these states. Thank you!

MONTHLY REMINDER  Everyone, please check your voter registration status. States are purging voters regularly–you don’t want to get caught off guard. Take 1 minute and check right now: I Will Vote

Then, check how to vote by mail in your state. Many rules have changed due to the pandemic and you may be able to vote with a mailed ballot. Find your state’s latest voting rules here: How to Vote By Mail in Every State

Special Elections

Click on highlighted text to learn the specifics about that election. You can also always go directly to your state’s election website (lookup HERE) to learn more. 

June 2 (Tu)

June 9 (Tu)

June 23 (Tu)

💥New York U.S. HOUSE District 27 – Election to refill Rep. Chris Collin’s (R) seat

June 30 (Tu)

Presidential & Statewide Primaries

June 2 (Tu) 

New Mexico
Rhode Island
South Dakota

June 9 (Tu)

North Dakota
South Carolina
West Virginia

June 23 (Tu)

New York

June 30 (Tu)


Note: I keep a lookout for any state and federal elections and list them all in these monthly posts, but I could use your help to find any local elections. If your city or county has an election and you want me to add it to my monthly roundup post, write me a comment and I’ll add it. Thank you!

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  1. Indiana is having their primaries on June 2.

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