It’s Tuesday! Must be an Election Day.

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If it’s Tuesday, there’s probably an election happening somewhere in the state. There are always special and other elections being held year-round but you do have to pay attention. Be sure you’re registered with your most current address to get election notices from your local elections board.

Before we look at the elections happening this week, we need to talk about…

Last Week

Last Tuesday, California held a special election to refill Rep. Katie Hill’s (D) seat in Congress. Hill had fought hard to flip that seat in 2018, but most unfortunately, we lost. And that’s not the bad news…

It was the first time Republicans flipped a House seat in the state since 1998. It gets worse…

There are more Democrats registered in that district than Republicans. And that’s not the worst news…

This is:

Everyone in the district was mailed a ballot. Literally every voter had a ballot in their hands. But here’s how many returned theirs:

Democrats: 32%
Republicans: 46%

If we want to win in November, (and I would argue that we HAVE to win in November), then every single one of us has to figure out how we can help get more people to return to their ballots.

With that in mind, let’s look at…

This Week

March 19 (Tu)

Oregon statewide primary (dropbox locations)

Later This Week

Hawaii holds its presidential primary election on Friday, May 22.

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