Time for Your 2 Minute Election Tune-Up

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Yesterday, we learned that Florida may go ahead and purge 85,000 voters from its rolls ahead of the 2020 election.

This particular purge is a long-fought fight in Florida, which you can read more about HERE, but the story serves as an important reminder that we need to all periodically confirm that our voter registration is active.

Today, I encourage you to take 2 quick steps to make sure you are ready for this year’s elections:

1. Check your voter registration, which you can do HERE. And if you’ve moved since the last time you voted, you may want to double check that you are registered at your current address.

2. Learn how to vote by mail in your state, which you can do HERE. It’s important to know how far ahead of time you can request your ballot (which you might be able to do right now), and also the date by which your ballot must be returned. Some states say that a ballot must be POSTMARKED by Election Day, but others say the ballot must be RECEIVED by Election Day. Make sure you know which rule applies for your state.

Once you’ve done your 2 minute election tune-up, share this post with others so they can feel good knowing that they’re ready to vote, too!

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