Election 2020: It’s About Control

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Social media is aflutter with declarations of what will happen in 2020.

Yesterday, there seemed to be so much chatter about how “of course” Trump would lose. Such as: Look at how unpopular he is. How could anyone vote for him again. He’s messing up the coronavirus response. The economy is in the gutter. Have you seen the latest poll numbers? And so on.

Is that all true? Yes. Does that ensure a win in November? NO, IT DOES NOT.

What we do know is that this country is deeply polarized. We know that whether it is the presidency, or a Senate seat, or flipping a state legislature, that a lot of these races are very competitive. They’re all within the margin of error. There is no “of course” in the elections this year. 

On top of all that, prior to the pandemic, election experts were predicting historic turnout. What will actually happen now that many voters will turn to voting by mail? As we’ve seen in states like Wisconsin, that hasn’t rolled out particularly smoothly. We have zero idea how many voters will decide to stay home instead of risking their lives to vote. We have no clue how many voters will decide to vote by mail only to find that the deadline to request a ballot has already passed in their state or that they need to get their ballot notarized and they don’t have the time or money to do that. So much could happen.

What we CAN do, is control what we do ourselves. We can push out helpful information about how voting by mail works in our state. We can remind people about upcoming deadlines, or the terrific platforms that our Democratic candidates are running on, or have fun with fundraising challenges on social media to drive dollars and eyeballs to our favorite campaigns. We can find ways to support campaigns from our own homes (more on this topic is coming up in future posts!)

Let us put our energies where they will do the most good — doing the work to ensure we’ve done what we can to invite voters to participate in the most consequential election of our lives. Let’s not look back on these next 6 months and think, I could have done so much more.

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