How to Get Republicans to Embrace Voting By Mail

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We all know that voting by mail is the safest way to vote while in the middle of the pandemic, but in the right wing news media we see Republicans and pundits decrying that it is all a big Democratic plot.


First of all, voting by mail is quite common in both blue and red states. (Source) Second, there are several states where Republicans have pushed voting by mail to secure themselves an advantage, such as Arizona and Florida. Quite honestly, I have no idea why they’ve been pushing this narrative against voting by mail.

But they have been, and this has possibly made it more difficult for those of you with Republican legislators or governors or election officials to get them to move towards voting by mail. For you, I have a new resource to use when you contact them about this issue.

Stanford University just released a new study that looked at the 3 states that rolled out vote by mail across the state. The data told them that voting by mail does not give one party an advantage over the other. Here is the abstract from their study:

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The next time you contact your Republican legislator or election official, send them that language and the link to the study, which you can find HERE. And then remind them that it is their duty to protect citizens.

There have been some great strides in making voting by mail more accessible for voters, but there’s still a long way to go. I’ll leave you with some good news that came out today.

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