The House Seat Republicans are Dangerously Close to Flipping

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There’s a special election coming up soon for a House seat that the Democrats flipped in 2018 that the Republicans desperately want back. And they are dangerously close to getting their wish.

Which seat? California’s 25th District, which is currently vacant due to Katie Hill’s resignation this past fall. Christy Smith is the Democratic nominee.

Why is the race so close?

It was a big deal when Hill won this seat during the 2018 midterms. She knocked out the Republican incumbent in an upset. It was one of several hard-fought districts that the Democrats clawed back in California that cycle.

The danger with this election is that it is a special election (i.e. a one-off) and no one is paying attention due to everyone being focused (understandably) on the pandemic. Special elections are the types of elections where one vote can literally make the difference. It really is a race to make sure that Democratic voters in the district are aware of the election and turn out to vote.

On top of that, Christy Smith can’t do any of the normal in-person canvassing and events that you’d normally expect to ramp up in the final weeks of the campaign. She will be relying on how many volunteers she can recruit to help her campaign reach out to voters through virtual means.

And finally, Trump is eager to flip this seat and get some momentum back for the Republicans. In fact, yesterday he tweeted out an endorsement of Christy’s opponent, which tells you how much he wants to win this election. Let’s not give him that satisfaction.

Where is this district?

Could Democrats win an Antelope Valley congressional seat they ...

When is the election?

Tuesday, May 12

Can people vote by mail in this election?

Yes. In fact, the elections board made the decision to mail ballots to all registered voters for this election because of the pandemic. Those ballots can either be mailed back or dropped off at one of nine vote centers. Voters can find their nearest vote center HERE.

How can we help?

Volunteer from home! Her campaign can connect you to either making phone calls or sending texts to voters in the district. Learn more about those opportunities HERE.

Donate to her campaign HERE

Amplify Christy’s campaign on social media:

Share L.A. Times’ endorsement of her, which you can find HERE.

Share this website that explains how to vote in the election:

Share Christy’s tweets, like this one which includes a fantastic ad

Every one of us can do at least one thing to help Christy Smith win this seat. Some of us can do something every week, or maybe even every day! We cannot allow the Republicans to gain any momentum at this crucial moment. Not only can helping Christy’s campaign help protect this seat in the House, but it will also give Democrats across the country a boost to see a win in such a battleground district.

Thank you for taking action.

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