How to Find Your Congressperson’s Virtual Event


Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) speaks at a town hall. Wyden has held 970 town halls during his career. (Photo by Jesse Skoubo)


Congress may be in recess but that doesn’t mean our representatives aren’t working.

Many are in their home states right now even though Congress is still in session. They are attending meetings (via Zoom, like the rest of us), reviewing or writing new legislation, raising money, and hearing from constituents and interest groups. There are still pro forma (or procedural) sessions happening in D.C. that they need to pay attention to as they may require action.

And because they are home, many of them are meeting with their voters. No one is holding in-person town halls anymore, of course, but there are a ton of virtual meetings scheduled all over the country. Town Hall Project is currently showing the following virtual events, and keep in mind that this is likely not a comprehensive list of events.

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This is an important time to be asking our legislators to do more for Americans hard hit by this crisis, more to help our hospitals and healthcare workers the resources they need to take care of us, save the post office, move the states to voting by mail, and more.

Reasons to Participate in Town Halls

1. The elected official works for you, the voter. They must listen and respond to their constituents at town halls. It is one of the ways we can hold them accountable.

2. Town halls are an opportunity to participate in the democratic process. This is a right we have as American citizens.

3. Town halls are a great place to connect policy to the actual effect they can have on us personally. It’s important for both your elected official and the community at large to hear these stories.

4. Town halls are a great way to hear the concerns of your community. You’ll feel closer to your community when you realize how many others feel the same way you do about a particular issue.


To find a town hall for your Members of Congress, visit Town Hall ProjectIf you don’t see one listed, check their website (lookup HERE) and find out when their next one is.

To find a town hall for your state legislators, visit their websites or call their staff. Get their contact information at Open States.

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