Will COVID-19 Affect the 2020 Governors’ Races?

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How has the coronavirus pandemic affected the 2020 governors’ races? There’s been a lot of speculation about how the president’s disastrous handling of COVID-19 will negatively affect his re-election chances, and I started to wonder about the governors and how their races might be affected.

There isn’t a lot of high-quality polling to look at right now, so I decided to map out when each governor (running for re-election) issued a statewide shelter-at-home order. It is my entirely unscientific way of measuring how responsible each governor has been during the pandemic.

I needed some way of measuring this, so I took March 19, the day that California issued the first statewide shelter-in-place order as the starting point. What you see below is the number of days it took after California for each governor to issue their order.

🔵 Democrat Jay Inslee >>> 4 days later

🔵 Democrat John Carney Jr. >>> 5 days later

🔴 Republican Eric Holcomb >>> 5 days later

🔴 Republican Jim Justice >>> 5 days later

🔴 Republican Phil Scott >>> 6 days later

🔴 Republican Chris Sununu >>> 8 days later

🔵 Democrat Roy Cooper >>> 11 days later

🔴 Republican Mike Parson >>> 18 days later

🔴 Republican Doug Burgum >>>  (still no statewide order)

So what do you think? Do you think we’ll find out that those governors who are higher up on this list will do better in their re-election campaigns or not?

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