Wisconsin Voters Get An Extra 24 Hours; How to Help

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Most other states have postponed their primary elections, but not Wisconsin. They’re still forging ahead with their election on Tuesday, April 7th. With the pandemic raging, naturally there will be a lot of people very nervous about going to the polls in person.

But we cannot let the pandemic interrupt our democracy. Enter absentee ballots!

The original deadline to request an absentee ballot in Wisconsin was yesterday (Thursday) but a federal judge just extended that deadline for 24 hours. Wisconsin voters now have until 5pm on Friday to request their ballot. Please, please share this information with your social media followers — you never know which ones are in Wisconsin and haven’t heard the news. Help keep them safe AND ensure that the Democrats turn out!

Wisconsin voters can request their absentee ballot here: https://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/

It’s not just that this is a primary election for all of the state government races or the presidential race, but it is also the general election for a valuable state Supreme Court seat! The GOP has been pouring a ton of money and effort into hanging onto this seat just as Democratic groups have been working nonstop to help Jill Karofsky elected to flip the seat.

As you all know, Wisconsin could not be more of a Toss-Up. It’s right down the middle at 50-50. Whoever turns out their voters, and can do it in a pandemic, will win this seat. Let’s make sure that Democrats get the word that they can still vote absentee.

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