The Republicans are Stunningly Irresponsible


It is stunning how one party is so much more responsible than the other.

This summer, both the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee hold their presidential nominating conventions. They are the biggest and most important events the committees produce and only happen once every four years. There’s a lot on the line. Also, the conventions are roughly 100 days away.

As Dr. Fauci said today, “You don’t make the timeline. The virus makes the timeline.” Meaning, we have NO IDEA how this pandemic will play out. The states that have put an end date on their shelter-at-home order have placed them in May or June. Even then, we still won’t have a vaccine and will likely have to have some sort of social distancing protocols for quite some time.

So, what to do about the upcoming conventions, where thousands of people from every state pack into convention halls, shoulder-to-shoulder for 4 straight days?

Here’s how what Trump said about the RNC:

Trump says ‘no way’ he will cancel the RNC in Charlotte, despite coronavirus

And here’s what the Democrats are saying:

Party leaders agree with Joe Biden – the Democratic National Convention cannot proceed as originally planned

UPDATE: An eagle-eyed reader alerted me to this headline from moments ago:  Democrats Postpone Nominating Convention to August

There you have it. I know which party’s leaders I’d rather have running my country, and my state, and my local community.


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