How We Can Help Our Candidates Campaign in the Age of the Coronavirus

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It’s not good for any of us to be mingling in crowds right now, and that holds true for our candidates, too. But what are they supposed to do when so much of the crucial, and most effective, campaign tactics are the following:

🔹candidate meet and greets
🔹canvassing door-to-door
🔹organizing meetings
🔹political rallies
🔹state and national nominating conventions

As more professional conferences get cancelled and sport arenas prohibit fans, I think political campaigns are going to have to do what universities across the country are doing now: go remote. Thanks to technology, candidates can be accessible to their supporters in many digital ways. Being online doesn’t mean being invisible anymore. Yes, it’ll mean they’ll need to be creative in ways they may not have had to do in the past, but the times require different thinking.

And we can help them. We all have a footprint in the digital world: it may be your social media accounts, a YouTube channel, a podcast, or something else. We need to harness our own communities and get the word out.

We’ll all need to figure out what exactly that looks like, but for now I have two recommendations:

One, implore your state elections board to get ready to do all-mail balloting for November. I.e. send everyone their ballot in the mail and have them mail it back. No in-person polling locations. Oregon, Washington, and Colorado already do this. We know how the logistics work. Now we just need to get every other state on board with this. You can get the contact information for your state election board HERE.

Two, until the threat passes, we need to help our candidates spread their message and reach via social media and other non-in-person formats. Pay attention to any candidate-related social media posts that you find effective. Posts that tell you something about the candidate, or you find that you like them more, or it is full of helpful information. I’d like to tackle this subject on Political Charge and will be eager to pull together a comprehensive list of best practices for writing and disseminating great social media posts. Please send me your ideas so I can include them in a future post!

Thanks. And take care of yourselves!

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