A Simple Reason Why Turnout Surged on Super Tuesday

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To win in November, we’re going to need to turn out in droves. So whenever I read that turnout went up significantly for a particular election, I want to learn what went right so we can replicate it.

And it turns out that turnout SURGED in at least 4 states on Super Tuesday: Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, and Utah. And for once, we know exactly why so many more voters turned out to vote.

Each of those states made the switch from a caucus to a primary. 

Just look at how many more voters voted this year than they did in 2016:

Colorado: 122,000 ➡️ 755,000

Maine: 47,000 ➡️ 194,000

Minnesota: 205,000 ➡️ 745,000

Utah: 77,000 ➡️ 175,000

That is a massive change. Now, on the downside, maybe the only downside, it that this isn’t something we can replicate in November. That said, being a huge proponent of voting rights, and wanting to ensure that every eligible American can cast a vote, I’d be hard pressed to make an argument for why anyone should have a caucus in the future.

As for the other states, I’ve been able to find some information. Virginia saw a 70% increase in votes cast over 2016! Incredible. Texas was up 45% from the previous primary, and North Carolina was up 17%. On the flip side, Democratic voters in Oklahoma did not turn out to the same degree, with a decrease of around 9%.

I’m walking away from all this information thinking that there appears to be more enthusiasm on the Democratic side as compared to 2016, but it’s uneven. Also, because so many state Republican parties cancelled their presidential primaries, we really don’t have much information to compare how GOP enthusiasm is faring. Polling and surveys indicate that enthusiasm on the other side of the aisle is high.

My advice is, as always, organize and vote as though we’re running slightly behind in the polls!! Every vote will matter in November.

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