The GOP Chooses Minority Mob Rule

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Whatever happened to accepting the will of the voters?

Our country is governed by the idea that the majority rules. Whoever gets the most votes, wins. Whatever bill gets the majority of votes, passes. Simple math.

There are so many instances of Republicans finding themselves out of power and then resorting to the worst types of anti-democratic actions to curtail the Democrats from governing. North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan, and as of this week, Oregon.

In Oregon, the Democrats have a supermajority in the state legislature. The Oregon state legislature just started back up again recently and the Democrats want a vote on a climate bill. In “protest,” Senate Republicans fled the capitol on Monday. The House Republicans followed suit on Tuesday. The rules state that there must be two Republicans present in order for there to be a quorum. Without it, work grinds to a halt. The Democrats can read or vote on bills without a quorum.

The voters made their choices in 2018. They sent a supermajority of Democrats to both the state Senate and House to do the state’s legislative business. By walking out the Republicans are subverting the will of the majority. Not to mention they are PAID to do a job and just aren’t doing it.

By the way, the Oregon Republicans did this exact thing at the end of the last legislature, too.

If you’d like to follow along what’s happening in Oregon, check out the Oregonian or the Statesman Journal.

Every day it seems, the Republicans prove how disdainful they are of democracy when they aren’t the ones in power. Dangerous times we live in.

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