Are You Ready for Super Tuesday?


Are you ready for Super Tuesday?

Whether you’re in one of the Super Tuesday states and get to vote, or just want to know what’s going to happen, March 3 is going to be a BIG day.

The first four primaries and caucuses that happen in February dole out a total of 155 delegates. They get a ton of attention, though, because they’re first and both voters and the news media are hungry for information about how the presidential race is shaping up. But this number of delegates is a tiny sliver compared to what happens on Super Tuesday.

In contrast to February’s 155 delegates, the primaries on March 3 will award 1,357 delegates. This one day of voting represents roughly 33% of the total number of Democratic delegates that will be awarded throughout this process.

For a refresher on the rest of the process, check out How to Win the Democratic Nomination if There is a Contested Convention

Breaking it down

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The Super Tuesday states in 2020

Alabama: 61 delegates — open primary

Arkansas: 36 delegates — open primary

California: 494 delegates — semi-closed primary

Colorado: 80 delegates — semi-closed primary

Maine: 32 delegates — closed primary

Massachusetts: 114 delegates — semi-closed primary

Minnesota: 91 delegates — open primary

North Carolina: 122 delegates — semi-closed primary

Oklahoma: 42 delegates — semi-closed primary

Tennessee: 73 delegates — open primary

Texas: 261 delegates — open primary

Utah: 35 delegates — open primary

Vermont: 24 delegates — open primary

Virginia: 124 delegates — open primary

Also voting: American Samoa (11 delegates) and Democrats Abroad (17 delegates.)


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