How to Break the GOP Stranglehold on the Senate

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What have we gotten with this Republican-led Senate?

Most of them vote in alignment with Trump well over 90% of the time. Any time Trump lies or does something abhorrent, they never speak up (or only offer the mildest “I’m disappointed” backed up with no action.) And we’ll never forget that they blocked witnesses during Trump’s impeachment and refused to allow for a full and complete trial.

Looking ahead to the next four years, this is what we can expect if the Republicans remain in charge:  Not only will this sycophantic behavior continue, and McConnell will continue to bury all of the great legislation the Democratic-led House is passing, but we should fully expect that two Supreme Court justices appointed by Democratic presidents, Ruth Bader Ginsburg (who is 86) and Stephen Breyer (who is 81), will retire. We already have a 5-4 court in the conservatives’ favor. If the Republicans are in charge of the Senate for the next 4 years, we could be looking at a 7-2 court. I can’t conceive how awful that might be.

So, whether or not Trump wins re-election, we have to flip the Senate. It is a moral imperative that we do so.

Of the 35 Senate races we have in 2020, 23 of them are currently held by Republicans. Before you get really excited by that, know that many of those seats are in really, really red states. But of those 23, there are 9 races that are really competitive. And with the right environment (i.e. a blue wave) paired with strong funding and organizing, we can flip the net 4 seats we need to take control of the Senate.

These are the 9 Senate seats where we can concentrate our efforts and flip the Senate. Pick one and follow the link to learn how you can help!

Most Competitive (Toss Ups)


➡️  5 Ways to Help Mark Kelly Kick Martha McSally Out of the Senate


➡️  5 Ways to Flip Cory Gardner’s Senate Seat in Colorado


➡️  4 Ways to Help Kick Susan Collins Out of the Senate

North Carolina

➡️  4 Ways to Flip Thom Tillis’s Senate Seat in North Carolina


Very Competitive (Lean Republican)

Georgia (2 seats)

➡️  5 Ways to Help Flip the Georgia Senate Seats


➡️  5 Ways to Help Flip Joni Ernst’s Senate Seat in Iowa


➡️  4 Ways to Flip Kansas’ Senate Seat


➡️  5 Ways to Help Steve Bullock Flip Steve Daines’ Senate Seat in Montana


Bonus Races

These races are not as competitive as the ones above, but Democrats are very animated about flipping these seats because of who the current Senator is.


➡️  5 Ways You Can Help Kick Mitch McConnell Out of the Senate

South Carolina

➡️  Is Lindsey Graham’s Senate Seat In Play?


➡️  7 Ways to Help Flip John Cornyn’s Senate Seat in Texas


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13 replies

  1. I’m blue as baywater, but believe we’ll never flip the Senate, with Crazy Bernie at the top of the ticket. There’s no comedy in that Commie!


  2. Then after we flip the Senate we make Puerto Rico an D
    C. States so we can keep it

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  3. In order to flip the Senate, one or more of the following must happen:
    1. Inasmuch as many voters vote straight party lines, you need to have a candidate who is not a Communist?
    2. You must understand basic math–meaning that if you got all the money from all the millionaires, you would not have enough to pay for all the free stuff promised.
    3. You must have candidates who will not piss away their previous term doing nothing except coming up with false accusations and lies about the current Commander in Chief.
    4. You must understand that comb overs, and inability to construct a sentence does not trump, a good economy, unemployment, and respect from foreign governments.
    5. You must understand that success at every level is difficult to combat with proven incompetence.
    Pick two out of the five and you have a chance, otherwise buckle up for 4 more year of keeping America Great.


  4. Bottom line — IF young people & communities of color vote big, WE WILL WIN. The most effective way is support community organizing groups with street cred to amp up their voter turnout work. Movement Voter Project makes it super simple — you can give to funds targeted at specific states or issues.

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  5. Bloomberg, If you really want to help, fund these candidates.

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