What Are You Doing For Week of Action?

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Michelle Obama’s organization, When We All Vote, kicks off their Week of Action today — Monday, February 17.

When We All Vote is a 50-state effort aimed at getting people registered to vote. They focus on three main activities:

✦ training volunteers
✦ improving voter registration processes
✦ increasing awareness of the voting process

So, are you going to be involved with a voter registration event this week? If so, When We All Vote wants to know about it. Tell them about it HERE.

Not signed up with a voter registration event yet but want to help? Pick an idea to implement from this list –> 15 Ways You Can Help Get More People Registered to Vote

One simple thing you can do is remind your followers on your social media accounts to check their voter registration and make sure it is still active. I send out a message like this on occasion:

This is your periodic reminder to check your voter registration — is it active and correct? You don’t want to find out on #ElectionDay that something is wrong. Take one minute to do it now. https://iwillvote.com/

If we want to win in November, we have to turn out more of our voters to the polls. And to get those voters to the polls, they need to be registered. Focusing on registration is a GREAT way to help set us up well for November.

Thank you for helping!

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