Americans Living Abroad: Please Vote!

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If there’s a group of Americans who know just how poorly Trump is viewed internationally, it would be our citizens living abroad.

For one thing, they don’t have a Fox News to warp their opinions (or the basic facts) every day. Pew Research Center recently published a study about how he is considered overseas–here is just one data point:

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This is all to say that American citizens abroad are seeing first hand how damaging Trump is to our country’s standing in the world, and this affects how effective we can be in many ways.

We really need these citizens to vote in 2020!

They are absolutely eligible to vote in the presidential primaries and federal elections (yes, they can help flip the Senate!), and depending on their home state, they may be eligible to vote in state-level elections as well! Here is some important info for them:

The Global Presidential Primary is coming up soon. You can download your ballot from Democrats Abroad beginning on February 18. 

The Global Primary kicks off on Super Tuesday, March 3, and continues through March 10. You can cast your ballot in-person at voting centers around the world anytime during those 8 days. 

Not registered yet?: Click here

Today, I ask you to share this post with any friend or family member who might be living abroad, or just generally with your followers, some of whom might very well be overseas. There are 9 million potential votes out there!! Citizens living abroad need to plan ahead to vote — too close to the election, and they may not be able to request a ballot anymore. So the earlier they get this information, the better!

Thank you for helping to spread the word.

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