The 7 Lessons the NPR-Pompeo Story Can Teach Us About Social Media

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I read an interesting article in Forbes called Kelly And Pompeo: How A Journalist Masterfully Combated Gaslighting.

You heard about the Pompeo-NPR interview, right? If not, catch up HERE.


By Mark Fiore

In any case, the Forbes article outlined what Mary Louise Kelly, host of National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered,” did right in her interview with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who was rather hostile to her both during the interview, and again following the interview.

I guess we don’t see reporters stand up to Trump administration officials as much as we should, so Forbes decided to spell it out. As I read it, it struck me as terrific advice for those of us who are on social media a lot. If you post about politics, it is inevitable that you’ll have to deal with gaslighters who want to make you question yourself and “win” the argument at all costs.

Here’s what Kelly did right with her antagonist, and the lessons we can take from it:

  1. Don’t let them set the agenda.
  2. Stay calm no matter what
  3. Don’t let them talk over you; don’t back down.
  4. Present facts repeatedly.
  5. Ask them for proof.
  6. Don’t let them play the martyr.
  7. Call out lies.

Pretty good list, isn’t it? Next time you find yourself faced with a hostile response to a post use these tactics (if you decide to engage them at all.)

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By Nick Anderson

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  1. Great advice. Let’s hope Kelly inspires more reporters to stand up for themselves and journalism

  2. I’m certain you already saw her NYT opinion piece but I’ll link it here for others who may not have:

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