How One Woman’s Personal Story Turned One Voter Into Two


You never know when your spark might ignite someone else’s light.

Who needs an uplifting story about the difference one person can make in someone’s life?

I, for one, am raising my hand. I know I was feeling down yesterday, and I really appreciate the comments you all left me. Today, I’m back up on my horse, thanks in part to hearing from so many people who are still in this fight to help change our country for the better.

Today, I’d like to share a story that really touched me. This is the story of Beth, who went canvassing for a couple of candidates running for state legislature seats, and who ended up having a much bigger impact than she was expecting. (She gave me her permission to share this story here at Political Charge.)


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Oh, I love this story so much. First of all, Beth is canvassing–the number 1 most effective way to engage people and turn them into voters. Then, she’s canvassing for down ballot candidates–we want to win up and down the ballot in November! Her conversation leads to discussion about voting and disability rights and how this woman’s son can absolutely be a voter! And to top it all off, the human connection between Beth and this fellow mom is so clear. And that’s the spark we ALL have and that we can ALL share with another human being.

I hope Beth’s story inspires you as it did me. Consider giving her a follow on Twitter; you can find her HERE.

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  1. That’s AMAZING. Thank you for sharing, and glad you’re feeling better today. We’re going to do this. I get the fear. But don’t let it stop you. As a friend of mine reminds me, FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.


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