Your Biggest Concerns in 2020: Survey Results

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Thank you all for taking my survey. It’s helpful to know what your biggest concerns are when it comes to politics in 2020, so I can address as many as I can here at Political Charge.

So without further ado, here’s what’s on your mind, in (roughly) descending order.

At the top of the list, although likely not a big surprise: A huge majority of you are concerned about getting rid of Trump this year. Wrapped up with that concern is who the Democratic nominee will be and the need for a wide coalition of voters to support the nominee.

The next biggest concern are intertwined issues: the concern about voter suppression and that turnout won’t be as big as it needs to be in 2020.

Another big concern is having fair elections and avoiding election interference. A few of you also mentioned a concern about the media’s role in ensuring fair elections.

A related issue, was the concern around the spread of mis- and disinformation.

Next up is the desire to flip the Senate (and deny Mitch McConnell his position as Majority Leader) and holding the House. Down ballot races also came up multiple times.

Many of you mentioned defending our democracy and upholding the Constitution.

You are also concerned about divisiveness among Democrats and in politics in general.

Rounding out the biggest concerns was the role of money in elections and the Citizens United decision.

(There were additional concerns listed by one or two people and I may get to those topics as well, but I primarily wanted you to know where there was a lot of agreement among my readers.)

Again, I want to thank you all for sharing your political concerns with me. I’m eager to tackle each of these topics in a variety of ways in the coming months and help find ways for us all to contribute to solving our country’s biggest problems. Let’s do this!

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