Have You Been Purged From the Voter Rolls?


Are you 100% sure your voter registration status is active? Would you bet good money on that?

New stories of voter purges seem to come out every week. A cursory Google search for “voter purges” turns up a LOT of recent articles. The Brennan Center for Justice, which tracks purges, found that over 17 million registrations had been cancelled between 2016 and 2018. And it’s not just happening in red states.

Republicans nationwide determined a while back that a strategy that works well for them is to work to take votes OFF the board. The reality is, at any time and in any state, there could be election officials making decisions about your voter registration status that you won’t be aware of.

To counteract that, our strategy must be to expand voting and get more votes ON the board. For starter, make it a habit to check your voter registration status on a regular basis. Consider adding a monthly reminder on your calendar to check it. And then, once you’ve confirmed your status is still active, use your social media reach to remind others to do the same. 

You can always check your voter registration status by going to your state’s elections website, or you can check it in less than 2 minutes at I Will Vote.

Don’t ever assume your voter registration is ok. The mere minutes it takes to check it is so much better than the hassle you or your neighbors might face on Election Day when your name isn’t listed at your polling location.

Thanks for checking on your registration today, and reminding your community to do the same!

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  1. The purging of voters in states, most recently Georgia, makes me so mad. And it’s all in the name of rooting out non-existent voter fraud, in many cases.

    • Yes, the Republicans took a normal process (cleaning up voter rolls of deceased people, etc.) and corrupted it. That we have to fight against them constantly is infuriating. But necessary.

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