Voter Purges Speed Up Under the Republicans

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Since the Supreme Court struck down a crucial section of the Voting Rights Act in 2013, voter suppression has surged. The latest affected are the voters in Wisconsin and Georgia.


In Wisconsin, a lawsuit filed by a conservative group has been winding its way through the court system, and earlier this week a judge has ordered the state to remove 234,000 voters from its rolls. Remember that President Trump won Wisconsin by about 23,000 votes and that the state is a massive battleground for 2020.


Georgia’s Secretary of State announced a list of over 310,000 voters who were at risk of having their registrations cancelled, which is 4% of the total voter population. According to this article, each of those voters were sent a postcard and had to respond within 30 days otherwise their registration would be cancelled. That is outrageous. 30 days? It harms exactly no one to keep those voters registered.

And this news comes on top of the statistic that shows that Georgia cancelled 1.4 million registrations between 2012 and 2018. When the last governor’s race was decided by around 50,000 votes you get a sense of just how calamitous this decision is.

What can you do

✦ Check your voter registration frequently. It only takes 30 seconds to check. Bookmark your state’s voter registration page or the voter registration lookup at  IWillVote. Check yours right now.

✦ Remind others on a regular basis to check their voter registration, and remind them that voter purges are real. Something like this:

✦ Advocate for Automatic Voter Registration in your state.

✦ Be involved with voter registration drives in your state, or donate to the Democratic party or League of Women Voters chapters in the state you want to help most.

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