Here’s 5 Things You Must Have for Impeachment Eve


Tomorrow, the U.S. House of Representatives will vote on two articles of impeachment against President Trump. But today, on Impeachment Eve, we the citizens must make our own vote heard loud and clear.

If you can attend your local march, please do so. It certainly appears that there will be some really large gatherings across the nation, based on the social media chatter I’m seeing. If you cannot attend in person, there are other ways you can be a part of the large chorus of people who believe that in America, no one is above the law.

I’ve gathered some useful resources here, whether you may need the information yourself or want some help inspiring others to take part in this important nationwide rally:

Do protests work?

First and foremost, you may wonder if attending a protest really matters. Or, perhaps you already know that they have value but you’re having trouble articulating that to a friend who is asking. Here is a short (3 min) video that not only demonstrates how important they are (citing research) but it’ll fire you up to go tonight, too.

Find your local event

If you want to attend a protest tonight, click this link to find the rally closest to you. Or, if you have a friend or a social media follower who asks you, you can look it up for them and help them out. Here’s the link you can use (or copy into your own post):

What to expect at your first rally

DemCast has been publishing a lot of great content to get folks ready for the rallies tonight. I was especially impressed with their article What to Expect at a Political Rally written by a Twitter friend of mine. If you have friends who you’ve just convinced to attend the rally with you, share this with them so they know what to expect.

Submit your video of your local rally

DemCast is partnering with Eleven Films (you might remember their BlueWave trailer from last year) to put together a really effective video using clips from the rallies nationwide. This video will extend the reach of our rallies and get to people far and wide so we can reach even more people. They have helpful tips on how to film great video on your phone (tip: always film horizontally, not vertically!) and how to submit your video HERE.

Flood the social media airwaves

I recognize that not everyone can attend the rally in person. Fear not! Help make the message of the rally — that in America, no one is above the law — spread far and wide by flooding the social media airwaves with pictures and videos from the rallies. Look for and use the hashtags:


Thank you for making your voice heard loud and clear on this critically important issue. For America to remain America, no one can be above the law, and that includes the President.

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