Sunday Reading: The Significance of the Impeachment Vote

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I know you’re busy. So on Sundays here at Political⚡Charge, I like to recommend just a few articles I think are really smart and/or thought-provoking that I believe you all might enjoy as well. And in case you want just a quick look at what the article is about, I’m including an excerpt. Here’s this week’s picks:

If We Adjust to Trumpism, the Republic Is Lost

Excerpt: “Like many terms, resistance means different things to different people. To me, resistance names a posture that goes beyond ordinary political opposition; it suggests a context in which power is wielded in unusually dangerous ways and is countered by a population with heightened consciousness, exerting itself to an unusual degree. Understood in this sense, I embrace the term: I’m a resistor. And my resistance is based on two premises. The first is that the Trump presidency is morally repugnant and a threat to the rule of law. The second is that I am obligated to exceed my normal level of civic engagement to meet the threat.”

Excerpt: “But despair is worth discussing, because it’s something that organizers and Democratic candidates should be addressing head on. Left to fester, it can lead to apathy and withdrawal. Channeled properly, it can fuel an uprising.”

The Women Who Still Speak Up

Excerpt: “Speak “truth to power”—this is how most people standing up to the constant disinformation and bullying of the Trump administration may have once reasonably described their task. Increasingly, though, that work is being honed and refined into something a bit more complicated: speaking truth to nonsense. It’s not so much holding up a mirror so that power can see what it’s become; it’s simply the job of creating a record, for history if nothing else, of what is actually happening.”

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  1. I loved Michelle Goldberg’s piece (hi I run the IndivisibleWMD accounts on Twitter/Instagram). So glad you are doing this.

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