Your Impeachment Action List


The Judiciary Committee will vote to approve two articles of impeachment against President Trump today. The articles will then move to the full House to be voted on. The vote will happen mid-next week.

Which means now is the time for us to take action!

First, call your Representative.

You can find their contact information HERE, and this is sample script you can use:

My name is [______________] and I am a constituent in [zip code]. I’m calling to ask the Congressperson to vote YES and support the articles of impeachment against Donald Trump. Trump’s blatant abuses of power and repeated obstruction of justice are clearly impeachable offenses and a threat to the integrity of our democracy. Thank you.

Then, sign up for the Impeachment Eve protest in your city.

The night before the impeachment vote, there will be protests or marches all over the country. The coalition of organizations working to coordinate these nationwide protests have announced that all 50 states have protests and that they’ve continued to add more locations. You can find out where your closest event is by checking out their site HERE. I encourage you to sign up because as soon as Congress schedules the vote, you will receive a notification of exactly when your local protest is. If you want to know my rationale for why I’ll be marching that evening, read my post about that.

Finally, consider writing an op-ed.

Indivisible has put together a short guide to help people write op-eds for their local paper. It’s a great way to be seen by your local Congressperson but also by the local community. There is power in seeing that you have neighbors who feel the way you do about impeachment. The national news conversation may or may not match what you are seeing locally. Indivisible’s guide includes a tool to help you find local papers that will accept your op-ed, some talking points to include, writing tips, and a sample op-ed to give you some ideas.

Thank you for taking action! This is a critically important moment in time. Don’t assume you know how your Congressperson will vote. They MUST hear from you because dollars to doughnuts, they are getting a lot of angry calls from the other side.

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