5 Ways to Help John Hickenlooper Flip Cory Gardner’s Senate Seat in Colorado

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Want to help kick Colorado Republican Cory Gardner out of the Senate?

Cory Gardner was a vocal critic of Donald Trump after the Access Hollywood video came out back in 2016, but now he is a full-throated supporter of the president. In fact, he’s already endorsed his 2020 campaign. Colorado newspapers have reported that Gardner and Trump talk often on the phone. Recently, when Gardner has been pressed by reporters about the Ukraine scandal that has sparked off impeachment, he sidesteps the question of whether or not he thinks Trump did anything wrong.

Meanwhile, John Hickenlooper won the Democratic primary. As the former governor of Colorado and former candidate for president, he is well known. Recent polling has shown that he is well liked by Democratic voters.

Gardner’s Senate seat is considered to be one of the most vulnerable for the Republicans. His approval rating in the state is in the low 30s. As competitive as the race appears to be, we should not make the mistake of assuming the seat will flip. Gardner is an astute politician and flipping an incumbent is not easy. It’ll take a lot of us working together to make sure we flip this Senate seat.

How you can help the Democrats flip this Senate seat

1. Support John Hickenlooper’s campaign. You can make a donation HERE. This is important because Mitch McConnell is pouring money into the state in an effort to save this seat. Sign up to volunteer HERE. Follow him on Twitter HERE and amplify his messages.

2. Help with voter registration drives in the state. As one idea, share Rock the Vote’s voter registration page for Colorado (HERE) on your social media pages. Another is to sign up with Vote Forward to send letters to unregistered voters in Colorado to urge them to register–more info on how to get involved with this effort HERE.

3. Support the Colorado Democratic party. Donate to them, ask them how you can help with voter registration drives, or boosting the number of volunteers they have to help with campaigns.

4. Support Colorado’s League of Women Voters. They organize voter registration drives and have events to inform and connect voters with the candidates.

5. Get young Colorado voters to the polls. New Era Colorado is a well established group that has racked up some seriously impressive accomplishments as it aims to both register young people and then get them to go to the polls. Read more about them HERE and then support them however you can.

If you have other ideas of how we can kick out Cory Gardner and replace him with a Democrat in the Senate in 2020, particularly ideas for folks outside the state who want to help, please let us know in the comments. Thanks!

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