4 Ways to Help Kick Susan Collins Out of the Senate

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Want to help kick Susan Collins (R-Maine) out of the Senate?

Susan Collins voted to appoint Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court even after he was credibly accused of sexual assault and lacked the temperament expected of a justice of the highest court in the country. In recent years, she has voted with McConnell at least 90% of the time. Need more reasons to motivate you to kick her out of the Senate? Suit Up Maine has a full website dedicated to the effort, and lists 15 reasons why she should leave the Senate.

On top of it all, Collins currently has an approval rating of only 35%. Back in mid-October 53% of Mainers wanted to impeach Trump, while only 45% did not. Her seat is ripe for flipping.

Currently, she has a handful of opponents running against her, (you can see the full list HERE), and the biggest Democratic name running against her is Sara Gideon, the current Speaker of the the Maine state House of Representatives.

Now, a little truth talk. In 2014, Collins won her re-election campaign with 67% of the vote. Despite her low approval ratings right now, kicking a longtime incumbent out of her seat is not going to be easy. It’ll take a lot of us working together to make sure a Democrat flips this seat.

Here’s 4 ways you can help propel the Democrats to a win:

1. Donate to her eventual opponent’s campaign. Shortly after her Kavanaugh vote, a Maine group started a crowdfunder that raised $3 million in record time. All of the money they raise will be given to Collins’ opponent following the primary. This money will be crucial for the nominee to have especially against Collins’ war chest.

2. Help with voter registration drives in the state. As one idea, share Rock the Vote’s voter registration page for Maine (HERE) on your social media pages.

3. Support the Maine Democratic party. Donate to them, ask them how you can help with voter registration drives, or boosting the number of volunteers they have to help with campaigns.

4. Support Maine’s League of Women Voters. They organize voter registration drives and have events to inform and connect voters with the candidates.

If you have other ideas of how we can kick out Susan Collins and replace her with a Democrat, particularly for folks outside the state, please let us know in the comments. Thanks!

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