Sunday Morning: 3 Essential Reads About Impeachment

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You no doubt know the basic outline and many of the facts of what the impeachment hearings brought out into the public. Today, take a few minutes to dive deep into a few aspects of the impeachment story that weren’t immediately apparent. Bonus: These articles will give you additional ammunition in your fights (er, discussions) about impeachment especially as the Republicans keep trying to tighten up their messaging.

Foreign Policy Isn’t Just Up To Trump

The President’s defenders argue that foreign policy can be whatever he wants it to be. But that’s not what the Constitution says. Written by Deborah Pearlstein, a professor of law, arm yourself with good information as to how to push back on people claiming this is why Trump can do what he wants.

In One Hearing, Fiona Hill Knocked Down Republican Smears and Workplace Sexism

If you were as impressed with Dr. Fiona Hill as I was, or need to catch up on her incredibly important testimony (especially in the face of a lot of mansplaining) and what it means beyond the facts that it uncovered, be sure to read this.

Read This

(Yes, that really is the name of this article.) Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo has posted an interesting idea about how the Senate impeachment trial might play out, and specifically why Adam Schiff might be waiting until the trial to get Mick Mulvaney, Mike Pompeo, Rudy Giuliani, and others to testify. Thought provoking, for sure.

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