2 Notable Democratic Debate Moments


There were two things that happened at last night’s Democratic primary debate that I want to take a look at. If you need a full recap of what happened, this is not the post you’re looking for. (You can find one here, or here, or here.)

First up, as someone who cares a lot about voting rights, it’s been distressing that we haven’t had any questions about voting rights or voter suppression in any of the previous debates. Well, that sad streak finally came to an end last night.

If the Trump presidency has shown us anything, it has pointed out just how fragile our democracy is. I believe that one of the first things Democrats should tackle when we control the government, is to enact a lot of laws that grow and strengthen Americans’ access to the ballot box. Essentially, we need to make it as impossible as we can for the Republicans to re-rig our voting processes.

Second, Amy Klobuchar made a comment that I rarely, if ever see, and it’s a doozy. (To be clear, I am not making any formal endorsements at this time.) Here’s what she said:

Why is this so important to me? In general, we only ever talk about women’s right to bodily autonomy as something that’s up to the U.S. Supreme Court. We NEVER talk about the fact that Congress is in fact, stronger than our courts. If Congress passed a federal law making abortion rights the law of the land, that would be the end of it. We wouldn’t have to rely on the partisan makeup of the Court or which way the winds were blowing to know if our right would suddenly be upended.

How about you? What were some key moments of the debate for you?

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  1. Alas, re: abortion rights, people would raise the “state’s rights” argument, but the truth is our Congress doesn’t have the guts. (Sorry for the not-profound comment.)

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