Checking In On the Blue Wave

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Since we have a short breather before the impeachment hearings start back up again, I thought we should take a moment to check in on how Democrats have been faring in elections.

First up, our big win on Saturday. John Bel Edwards (D) won an incredibly close race in Louisiana which means another 4 years as governor! Keep in mind that Trump visited and rallied in Louisiana for Edwards’ opponent three times in as many weeks.





In deep red Louisiana, of course Republicans did win other seats, but… they failed to gain a supermajority in the state legislature which means they don’t have the power to outright veto everything Edwards does.




You all know that I emphasize how important local and state elections are. I’m happy to see that voters are recognizing how important it is to turn out for these off-year elections. The result:



One last little delicious tidbit. Following the shameful performance of the Republican’s lone woman on the Intelligence Committee, Rep. Elise Stefanik (NY-21), when she outright lied about Rep. Adam Schiff, blue wave Twitter decided to fight back by fundraising for her opponent, Tedra Cobb. On Friday, Tedra had just under 20,000 followers. As of last night, her follower count has skyrocketed to over 240,000 and she announced that the grassroots efforts ended up raising just over $1 million for her campaign!!


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