2019 Elections: One Race Left To Go!

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The 2019 elections are NOT over!

If you’ve been keeping track, you know that there were three governorships on the line, but we only know the results of two of them: The Democrats flipped Kentucky (woohoo!), and the Republicans held onto Mississippi. That leaves Louisiana.

Louisiana runs their elections a bit differently. They had their primary earlier in October, and the Democratic governor who is running for re-election, John Bel-Edwards, secured just under the 50% he needed to win outright. So, he now must win the runoff election, which is on Saturday, November 16.

There’s no time to lose!

3 Ways You Can Help

🔹 Postcards to Voters will be writing postcards to voters in Louisiana for just a couple more days, so if you want to take part, get in touch with them right away! Click: Campaign #181: John Bel-Edwards in LA

🔹 Open Progress will be texting voters to encourage them to vote in the runoff election. If you’ve texted with them before, just sign in and get texting! If you are new to Open Progress, you can get set up pretty quickly. Start here: Open Progress

🔹 And of course, donating is still crucial. Every dollar will matter–Trump and other Republicans are flocking to the state to stump for Edwards’ opponent, and after the drubbing they took on Election Day this past Tuesday, they’re likely hungry to get a win. Flipping this governor’s seat to the Republicans is something they want badly. You can donate here: John Bel Edwards for Louisiana

You can also find and amplify messages from his campaign through his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Thank you for any help you can offer to keep this seat blue!

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