Sunday Reading: This Week’s Recommendations

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Every week I come across articles that I find interesting and that I think you all here at Political⚡Charge might enjoy as well. Here are this week’s recommendations.

A Chance to Revive the Voting Rights Act

Brennan Center for Justice notes the damage that has been caused since the Supreme Court stuck down a key portion of the Voting Rights Act six years ago, and throws its full support behind a bill that was just introduced in the House.

Don’t Count the Senate Out on Impeachment

Although the author of this piece is more dismissive of the Democratic Senators than I like, I do think her plan for what we should be doing to get Trump convicted in the Senate is a good one. Worth the read.

Why I Haven’t Gone Back to SCOTUS Since Kavanaugh

A tough read by Dahlia Lithwick, a reporter who has been covering Supreme Court news. For some of us, the wound that is Brett Kavanaugh may never heal.

Help! Talk Radio Ate the Presidency!

If you’re not already familiar with Nursing Clio, do check it out. Run by a group of fierce women historians, one of whom is a friend of mine, they cover a variety of topics from a viewpoint that has been left out of history far too often. In this piece, they review a book that offers some fresh research and insight to the monster that is conservative talk radio.

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