2019 Elections: What Action Will You Take?


Election Day is right around the corner. We all need to take action over the next few days to help turn out voters. There’s so much at stake!

Here’s a bunch of ideas of what you can do to help:

First and foremost, check to see if you need to vote in an election in your state: The Big November Races

If you need to vote, make your plan to vote right now. If you don’t have to vote, ask everyone you know to make a plan to vote. Here’s how: Make a Plan to Vote

With just 2 flips, we can flip the Virginia state House and the Senate. Here’s how you can help: Flip Virginia

We have the opportunity to flip the governorships in both Kentucky and Mississippi. Check in with the campaigns for Andy Beshear (KY) or Jim Hood (MS) to find out what they need help with in these final days: 2019 Elections: The Governors

Get involved with texting voters to remind them to vote! Here’s how: Get Out the Vote From Home Challenge

Help voters out on Election Day by agreeing to give them a ride to the polls. Here’s how you can help with that: Ride to the Polls Challenge

If you want more ideas for how you can help a candidate you really like win their election, here are even more ideas: Help a Campaign Win

Thanks for taking action! Let’s go win on November 5th!

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  1. Thank you for posting this. Is there a site with information for Oklahoma voters to contact political officials and receive absentee ballots?

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