2019 Elections: Time for a Red Alert


Remember how much we were all so impatient in the lead-up to the midterm elections–we just couldn’t WAIT to vote. Do you feel that same sense of “let’s go get ’em” now?

I don’t.

And unfortunately, the election results for the various elections since the midterms bear that out. The enthusiasm is nowhere near what it was at this time last fall. Since the 2018 midterms, there have been 40 special elections. What have the results been?

18 Republican holds
17 Democratic holds
4 Republican flips
1 Democratic flip

Pretty lackluster. By comparison, in 2018 we had 54 special elections and the Democrats flipped 11 seats. (Source for these election results HERE.)

A touch over a week ago, Louisiana had its big election and it wasn’t great for the Democrats. Many of the important statewide offices–Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and Treasurer–all went to Republicans. The GOP in the state Senate gained enough seats to gain a supermajority, i.e. it can override the governor’s vetoes. And, depending on how the 8 races in the state House go in the runoff election, the GOP is within reach of getting a supermajority in that chamber, too. The governor race is going to a runoff, and the rating for that race just moved from Lean Democratic to Toss Up. That’s bad news for us.

The overall turnout in the state was a dismal 43%.

I am concerned that we are in danger of repeating the same problem Democrats have had for decades — we simply don’t show up to non-presidential elections. But we all know that we can turn that around. We reversed decades of precedence last fall, turned out in droves for the midterms, and flipped the House and so much more last November.

We know what we need to do. Do what we did last November. So what did YOU do last November beyond voting? Are you doing that now? Can you do more? This is All Hands On Deck time. Half of the states in our nation have elections on November 5. They need us.

Let’s go!

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  1. I hear you. Complacency breeds complacency. We can’t let that happen!

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