2019 Elections: Here’s Your Mission


The 2019 elections on November 5 are just two weeks away.

And no one is talking about them. 

Between impeachment and Trump’s chaos creating news by the hour, the media has been flitting from one scandal to the next. And from what I see on social media, most everyone’s attention is following the latest news of the day. But we need to get to a critical mass of people talking about the election.

I implore everyone to find a way to start talking about the 2019 elections right now.

What’s on the line? 

🔹3 governorships
🔹3 attorneys general
🔹3 secretaries of state
🔹4 state legislatures (their state Senate and House)
🔹dozens of mayorships
🔹hundreds of municipal positions
🔹crucial ballot measures
and more!

What can you do?

For starters, check to see if you have elections happening in your state. There’s a quick list of the states with elections HERE, but you can also enter your address in Vote411 (run by the nonpartisan League of Women Voters) to get a sample ballot to double check if you have any races or ballot measures to vote on.

If you have anything happening in your state, start talking about it! Send people the above links to make them aware of the election coming up. Write posts about what’s at stake in your state. Ask people what their plan is to vote. (Where is their polling place? When will they go? How will they get there?)

More ideas to help campaigns near you: 15 Ways to Help a Campaign Win Their Election

If you don’t have an election happening in your state, talk up elections in general! Give people the Vote411 link, write posts or create graphics with the election date, find a phone-banking or text-banking campaign to help out with.

More ideas to help campaigns far away: 9 Ways to Help a Campaign From Afar

And, it’s not too late to donate! Not much money goes into state legislature races, so your donation, even $5, $10, $20 dollars really make a difference.


The time to get out the vote is right now. Thank you for helping with this important task!

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