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Long before we have the 2020 election, we have work to do to flip and protect seats this year. Today we’re going to look at the three states that have elections for their Secretaries of State next month. Whoever works harder to turn out their voters can win these seats.

The exact job duties of the Secretaries of State (SoS) vary from state to state but the most critical part of their job, at least for the era we’re currently living in, is that they are the chief election official in their state. It is their job to run state elections, keep them secure, and maintain official election results. This is the time when we need Democrats in these positions.

Kentucky (Goal: Protect the seat)

Kentucky’s current SoS is a Democrat who is termed out. Heather French Henry won the Democratic primary and will face the Republican opponent in the general election on November 5. Her Twitter account is @missamerica2000 (yes, she’s a former Miss America), her Facebook account is HERE, and her campaign website is HERE.

Mississippi (Goal: Flip the seat)

Mississippi’s current SoS is a Republican who is leaving the job to run for lieutenant governor. Gwen Collins-Greenup is the Democrat running to push him out of office.  Her Twitter account is @gwensos2019, her Facebook account is HERE, and her campaign website is HERE.

Louisiana (Goal: Flip the seat)

Louisiana’s current SoS is a Republican who is running for re-election. Having an incumbent running makes it harder to flip, but with hard work we can get it done. Johnny DuPree, a former mayor, is the Democrat running in the general election.  His Twitter account is @johnnyldupree, his Facebook account is HERE, and his campaign website is HERE.

How you can help

For those of you who live in or near these states, check out 15 Ways to Help a Campaign Win Their Election.

If you are farther away, you can follow candidates on social media and share information about their campaigns on your accounts, and you can donate to their campaigns. Find additional ways to help them by checking out 9 Ways to Help a Campaign From Afar.

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