Was It Me, Or Was Yesterday Crazy?



I’ve been extra busy at work this week, just as the news is getting really crazy. Honestly, yesterday was the first day in a long time where I felt like I couldn’t keep up with the onslaught of new revelations.

As a friend on Twitter put it, it feels like it is really happening. The downfall, the coming of the end. Of something.

To put the day in context, I thought I’d put all the major headlines of the day in chronological order here. These headlines are courtesy of PoliticalWire, which aggregates political news daily. I should also say that during the Trump administration, PoliticalWire will often post 10-12 big news stories, and on insane days, they might hit 20-25. So when you see a day like yesterday, you start to get a sense of just how crazy it got.

I’ve marked the BIG stories with a 💥 and Whoa! stories with a 💥💥.

In the Morning

Intelligence Officials Say ISIS Could Regroup

💥 Many at Pentagon Feel Betrayed by Trump

Democrats to Issue More Subpoenas

White House Aides Stay Off TV

Warren Clarifies Stance on Big Donor Events

What If Trump Is Impeached and Re-Elected?

💥 Prominent Conservatives Call for Swift Impeachment

Conway Says White House Has ‘Garbage’ Defense

Trade Talks with China Resume

Trump Campaign Sees Impeachment Motivating Base

Democrats and Republicans Equally Engaged

Trump’s Case Against Impeachment Is a Political Strategy

💥 Ukraine to Probe Alleged 2016 Election Interference

Trump Super PAC Says Georgia Is In Play

Trump Rips Fox News Over Poll

💥💥 Two Men Who Helped Giuliani on Ukraine Arrested
All that news before the big news of the day!

Gabbard May Boycott Next Week’s Debate

Trump to Meet With China’s Top Trade Negotiator

Trump Adviser Says China Provided Info on Hunter Biden

💥 White House Shifted Authority Over Ukraine Aid

Alexander Says Impeachment Would Be a ‘Mistake’

McConnell Challenger Raises Huge Sum

Conversations with RBG

💥 Erdogan Threatens to Send Millions of Refugees to Europe

Republicans Say Braves Lost Because Tomahawk Chop Ban

In the Afternoon

John Bolton to Write Trump Book

How the Trump Campaign Tracks Supporters

💥 GOP Congressman Ends Support for Trump

Nita Lowey Will Retire

The Republican Party Is ‘Docile, Supine and Invertebrate’

Support for Impeachment Rises

The GOP Deploys an Old Tactic for Warren

Warren’s Been Talking to Andrew Gillum

💥 Giuliani Had Lunch with Indicted Donors Yesterday

Gardner Won’t Answer About Election Interference

Trump Calls Jeff Sessions a ‘Total Disaster’

Partisan Antipathy Grows More Intense

Lindsey Graham Tricked By Russian Pranksters

💥 Rick Perry Subpoenaed

💥 House Subpoenas Giuliani Associates Under Indictment

💥 Watergate Prosecutors Say Trump Should Be Impeached

Who Is Paying Rudy Giuliani?

💥 Trump Distances Himself from Giuliani Associates

💥💥 Barr Meets with Rupert Murdoch

The Mystery of Rudy Giuliani’s Vienna Trip

💥 4 National Security Aides Raised Alarms About Trump Call

💥 Envoy to Ukraine Removed After Pushback on Giuliani

💥💥 Senior Pompeo Aide Resigns In Protest

💥💥 Sondland to Testify Next Week

💥 Ex-Trump Aide Will Describe ‘Shadow’ Policy on Ukraine

Giuliani Pressed for Turkish Prisoner Swap

Giuliani’s Dealings with Associates Probed

I don’t know what the next few days are going to bring, but my dear readers, I don’t think it’s going to slow down.

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4 replies

  1. …and then there was trump’s rally in Minneapolis-my city. Protesters were-mostly-peaceful and awesome. Baby trump was there. Late last night I watched a video of trump’s “speech”, and it was chilling. His usual on steroids. He is so good at creating a narrative that is so false-but his fans just gobble it down, and now will go forth convinced of their righteousness. Some of the attendees were from out of state-groupies-but most were Minnesotans,and we have some hard work ahead of us to stay blue here.

    Question: Is the group right behind trump reading cue cards? Their eyes are all focused on something, and they nod, clap, and smile in unison. I could swear I’ve seen some of the same people at multiple rallies.

    So, we persist.

    • You’re right, the headlines didn’t include his rally nor the Democratic candidates’ LGBTQ townhall event on TV last night. I’ve read that the Trump campaign picks the people behind him carefully and they are encouraged to be exuberant in their love for the president. Glad to hear about the protests, though.

  2. You’re right, it’s crazy and it’ll get worse.

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