Corruption: It’s What 74% Of Americans Are Afraid Of


Merriam-Webster defines corruption as “dishonest or illegal behavior especially by powerful people.” And it’s what a huge percentage of Americans are afraid of.

Every year, Chapman University conducts a survey to learn what Americans’ top fears are, and for the past 3 years, corruption of government officials takes the prize.


Their next survey is due out sometime later this month, and I can’t help but wonder if corruption will once again top the chart. It certainly makes me wonder though, if indeed so many people are afraid and concerned about government corruption, why so many of our fellow citizens seem to give this president and his administration so many mulligans.

So while it’s smart for politicians and their campaign to zero in on corruption as an issue, you really have to wonder when you see an article like this:  Irony is dead: The Trump sons are doing everything possible to make corruption a major 2020 issue (Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump really should sit this Hunter Biden thing out)

Now you’ll have to excuse me, I’m busy trying to unroll my eyeballs.

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  1. Mulligans indeed. He is corruption…personified. The leader our Founders feared would come to power. There are remedies for this, obviously. Sure would be nice if one of our political parties cared. Their own political survival seems more important. So sad.

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