Can You Guess How Many Elected Officials There Are In Your District?


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Let’s have a little fun this Friday.

How many elected positions do you think there are for your district? Or, put another way, how many positions could you run for in your community based on where you live?

You know you have 2 Senators and 1 Representative in Congress, plus another state senator and representative, add in a governor, maybe your mayor… but how many total?

So find out right now. Type in your address to see how many offices you could potentially run in if you were so inclined here: RunForOffice

I came up with 29 positions.

I’m curious to hear how many positions are in your district, so do drop me a quick comment to let me know.

My final point is this: Every single one of those positions makes decisions that you have to live with. At the minimum, make sure you know what decisions they make on your behalf and vote for the person who will represent your values the best. Or, you could always run for that position yourself! (Now you know why I used the Bryan Cranston gif.)

Here’s to Friday (as we wait for the inevitable Friday evening news dump…)

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  1. 26 positions in my district

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