Some Good News Out of Georgia


I recognize that the impeachment story will take up a lot of oxygen for a while but there is other news happening. And yesterday, there were two great stories out of Georgia.

Voter Registration Surges in Georgia

The Atlanta Constitution-Journal reported that over 352,000 people have registered to vote since the midterm elections, increasing Georgia’s voter rolls to a record high. According to the secretary of state’s office, many of the new registrants are minorities and people under the age of 30. Also, a large majority of these folks registered when they were applying for a drivers’ license, as opposed to voter registration drives. (Georgia’s population is booming right now.)

Judge Temporarily Blocks Restrictive Abortion Law

Back in May, Governor Brian Kemp signed into a law a bill that restricts women from getting an abortion once a heartbeat is detected, which can be around 6 weeks into a pregnancy and therefore before a woman may even know she is pregnant. The ACLU and Planned Parenthood, among others, then filed a constitutional challenge to the law. Yesterday U.S. District Judge Steve Jones ruled to temporarily block the new law, to allow the challenge to be resolved.

The judge wrote: “The Supreme Court has “repeatedly and unequivocally” held that a state cannot ban abortion prior to viability, and Georgia’s law does precisely that because fetal cardiac activity can be detected months before the point of viability.”

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