Sunday Reading: 3 Recommendations


Every week I come across articles that I find interesting and that I think you all here at Political⚡Charge might enjoy as well. Here are this week’s recommendations.

The Press Is Embracing False Equivalence—Again

The Atlantic warns us in this piece that the media keeps falling into the false equivalence trap, this time with the Trump/Ukraine story. In an effort to be seen as “fair” and “neutral,” they attach more importance to elements of the story to balance out just how terrible a thing Trump did. The problem being, of course, that his behavior stands alone as singularly horrific. It’s an important tactic that we should all be aware of, so we can call it out.

How to Understand the Whistleblower Complaint

Lawfare is a vital resource when it comes to stories involving constitutional law (among other subjects.) This week they published a thorough analysis of the whistleblower complaint, which revealed what they say “describes an utterly devastating abuse of power.” Be prepared for the onslaught of bad actors attacking what’s in the report by reading it and really understanding it.

Playing Class Clown Could Cost Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin His Job

Mother Jones looks into the big upcoming election for governor in Kentucky (this November!!). The sitting governor, a Republican, should be able to win it easily–Trump won the state by 30 points–but he’s having trouble in the polls in large part due to the pushback from public school teachers.

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