2019 Elections: Virginia

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Long before we have the 2020 election, we have work to do to flip seats this year. Continuing our look at 2019 elections, today we’re going to concentrate on Virginia. Remember, whoever works harder to turn out their voters can win these seats.

Virginia voters:  You must be registered to vote by October 15 to vote in the election on November 5.

State Senate

The Republicans have held a slim 21-19 majority in the Senate since the last election in 2015. This year’s election is a great chance to flip the Senate to Democratic control.

State House

In 2017, right after Trump’s election, Democrats around the country were salivating at the chance to flip some seats and Virginia got a lot of that attention. And it made a huge difference. Prior to the 2017 election, the GOP had a 66-34 majority, but the energized Democratic based flipped more seats than had been flipped in over a century, and they narrowed the Republican majority to 51-49. This year’s election is the chance to protect all those seats and finally flip the chamber to a Democratic majority.

Local elections

Multiple cities will also have school board elections and a smattering of local government positions. Click the links for more information but remember that your county elections board will have the full list of races you’ll see on the ballot.

How you can help

For those of you who live in Virginia, check out 15 Ways to Help a Campaign Win Their Election.

If you are farther away, there are several things you can do to help:

✦ Sister District is focusing their attention on Virginia this year. Check out this page which lists some of the Virginia candidates they’re boosting. Consider adopting one of them as your candidate, by boosting their candidacy and raising awareness.

✦ Swing Left is also focused on flipping Virginia. Click on the “Volunteer from anywhere” button on their Virginia page to learn about their letter writing campaign which aims to target intermittent voters who lean Democratic.

✦ Follow VA candidates on social media and share information about their campaigns on your accounts.

✦ Donate to their campaigns.

✦ Sign up as a volunteer on their campaign websites as they might have periodic tasks that supporters can do from afar.

Check out the videos that a couple of documentary filmmakers from Mission Pictures are doing to promote individual candidates. Share those videos with others and/or donate to fund more of these grassroots videos!

✦ You can also support one of these organizations in Virginia that are focused on getting people registered to vote.

Thank you for taking action.

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