Sunday Reading: Fixing Problems


Every week I come across articles that I find interesting and that I think you all here at Political⚡Charge might enjoy as well. Here are this week’s recommendations.

Hillary Clinton’s Zombie Impeachment Memo That Could Help Fell Trump

At the time that Congress was looking into impeaching President Nixon, not one person serving had been alive the last time time a president had been impeached. So, a bipartisan team of attorneys got to work reading everything there was about the issue and devising the guidelines by which he would be impeached. One of those attorneys was a young Hillary Clinton (then Rodham.) This is that story.

Climate explained: Why are climate change skeptics often right-wing conservatives?

This fascinating discussion about climate change comes via The Conversation. They have articles about relevant news topics, but are evidence-based. It is the go to place to find very smart articles generally written by academics that are also quite readable.

How to fix politics in America

You’ll likely get through your first coffee and need to start a second one for this. Politico pulled together this fantastic, though-provoking compilation of short articles covering a wide range of topics, including: Misinformation, Inequality, Polarization, Participation, Gridlock, and Corruption. You know me — I’m all for thinking about solutions and taking action, so this was right up my alley!

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