Kentucky Reminds Us Why Checking Your Voter Registration is So Important


This news story out of Kentucky serves as a good reminder to regularly check your voter registration status.

Earlier this week, we learned that 150,000 voters in Kentucky were improperly reclassified as “inactive.” This is mere WEEKS before the statewide elections in Kentucky where citizens will be voting for office such as governor, attorney general, and more.

Ben Self, the chairman of the Kentucky Democratic Party, demanded that the board of elections immediately reinstate those voters as active. He expressed the collective outrage that this decision was made behind closed doors with no public notice. WKMS is reporting that if the board of elections does not reinstate the voters quickly, the Democratic party will take legal action. Their next meeting happens on Tuesday.

Let’s let this story serve its purpose: At any time, there could be elections officials making decisions about your voter registration status that you or your neighbors won’t be aware of. Make it a habit to check your voter registration on a regular basis. Consider adding a monthly reminder on your calendar to check it.

You can always check your voter registration status by going to your state’s elections website, or you can check it in less than 2 minutes at I Will Vote.

And, if you want to help remind voters in Kentucky about the upcoming election, sign up to help with Postcards To Voters’ Kentucky campaign!

Thank you for taking action.

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  1. Republicans fear and hate democracy because the public rejects their increasing authoritarianism.

    • Some of the public does, yes. The others will accept any terms to be in power.

      • It appears that a clear majority of Americans reject Republicans’ increasing authoritarianism. Trump lost the popular vote in 2016 despite a fractured Democratic Party, and the GOP lost big in 2018.

        However, gerrymandering, voter suppression laws, the spread of propaganda, foreign influence, and public disillusionment with the political system, all work to undermine the democratic process.

      • They sure do. I hope that the work we are each doing will convince voters that they don’t want to be ruled by the minority anymore. The message that a landslide win in 2020 for Democrats would send rather than a narrow win is important, too.

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