Serious About Redistricting? Get Training to Help Secure Fair Districts!


The election dominance of the Republicans this past decade have made clear just how important it is for us to take redistricting seriously. The next round of nationwide redistricting will happen in 2020, following the results of the Census.

So, getting in front of that is critical. The first step is deciding that you want to take on redistricting as one of your priorities. Do you feel it is fair that politicians get to decide who their constituents are? Are you ok that the Democrats get over 54% of the vote but only 36% of the congressional seats? (This just happened in Wisconsin.) If not, then this might be an issue you want to spend some time on.

The second step, is to get some training so you can be as effective as possible.

Enter President Obama’s organization, All On The Line, which aims to end gerrymandering and replace them with fair districts. They recently launched Redistricting U, a training program to help concerned citizens all over the country get the tools and information to tackle redistricting in their own state.

Free, in-person trainings are being held in major cities all over the country, and you can find the one closest to you HERE. There are a few remote trainings that they offer, which you can also find at that same link.

Twitter: @allontheline 
Facebook: All On The Line

Thank you for caring about the need for fair districts!

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