The Bad & Good News From Yesterday’s Elections

good and bad

I’d always prefer to win elections. But if we suffer a loss, I’m still going to look for the good news and any lessons we can take into the next election. I’m hardwired to do that.

In a tight, tight election, Dan McCready (D) lost his election in the North Carolina 9th District (NC09) to Dan Bishop last night. Honestly, history suggested it shouldn’t be tight. The Republicans have held this district continuously since 1963. Trump won this red district by 12 points, but last night, Bishop only won it by 2 points.

Something else the Republicans will have to face up to: They spent over $6 million just to protect a ruby-red seat in the House. To put that in context, that’s the amount of money you’d normally use in a Senate race. There are 435 House districts up for grabs in 2020, not to mention a few other key races they might like to win. They won’t have the money to protect all of their red seats.

The good/hopeful news doesn’t stop there. Here’s a collection of tweets from election experts regarding the NC09 results:

A encouraging sign for 2020:

How will the current House Republicans feel about this election?

And here’s a key point to keep in mind:

I’m hoping that Democrats and left-leaning voters all over the place will recognize the gains we’ve made, but recognizes that as awful as Trump and the GOP are, 2020 is NOT going to be a cakewalk. We need to fight, and fight hard, for EVERY win.

Let’s do this.

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