Sunday Reading: Articles That Caught My Eye

Every week I come across articles that I find interesting and that I think will be interesting to folks who like what I do here at Political⚡Charge. Here are this week’s recommendations.

When Politics Fails, Call the Lawyers

This is an uplifting read, from the appropriately named website Reasons To Be Cheerful, about the fact that it was lawyers, not politicians, that brought down Big Tobacco, and that it’ll be lawyers, not politicians, who will bring down Big Oil & Gas in the fight against climate change. I haven’t felt hopeful about climate change in a while, but this helped.

What Ails the Right Isn’t (Just) Racism

This Atlantic article looks at the Republican party and how they’re drawn to authoritarian figures. At the center of this tendency is a complete intolerance towards anything unfamiliar and different.

Democrats Aren’t Moving Left. They’re Returning to Their Roots.

The right keeps trying to paint the Democrats as becoming the “radical left.” But this Politico article shows that those attacks ignore the longstanding policies of our party. “Truman strongly supported single-payer health care. Moynihan supported a universal basic income in the 1960s. Dating back to World War II, Democrats sought to make a government-paid education available to as many Americans as possible.” This is a great primer we can use to demonstrate our current candidates are not out of the mainstream. Like, at all.

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  1. Excellent reading for a Sunday afternoon on this long holiday weekend. I had read the second article in the Atlantic a few weeks ago, it is well worth reading again. When I had originally come across the Politico article, I had printed a copy for future reference and sharing. I appreciate your introducing me to the “Reasons To Be Cheerful” website and this interesting article. I have become a follower! Thank-YOU!

  2. I love it. Have a great holiday weekend!

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