Saturday Cartoons 9/1

By Ann Telnaes

I love what editorial cartoonists do. I think they’re amazing. Being able to take a news story and express an opinion about that story with a single, incisive drawing that also elicits an immediate reaction from the viewer? Genius. Here’s some of the nation’s best editorial cartoonists on this week’s news.

G7 Summit

By David Horsey

By Jeff Darcy

By Jimmy Margulies

By Matt Davies

By Mike Luckovich

The Economy

By Steve Sack

By Tom Toles

By Nate Beeler

The Amazon Burns in Brazil

By Bob Rogers

By Ed Hall

By Michael Ramirez

By Mike Luckovich

And Other News

By Pat Bagley

(Pat Bagley | The Salt Lake Tribune) This cartoon, titled “Welcome Mat Mitch,” appears in The Salt Lake Tribune on Wednesday, August 28, 2019.

By Tom Toro

By Ann Telnaes

By Jimmy Margulies

By Darrin Bell

By Kevin Kallaugher

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