Democrats Are Getting Serious About State Legislatures

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The 2010 elections were catastrophic for the Democrats. Not only did they lose the U.S. House, but they lost governorships, other state executive positions, and almost 700 state legislature seats. 2018 was the first year that we started to turn all of that around.

So, while the importance of investing time and money into state elections was clearly recognized by the voters at the midterms, I’ve been wondering about Democrats’ enthusiasm and if the 2020 presidential election would once again mean that the party and its voters would turn to federal elections and pay less attention to the state races.

(Remember, whoever is in charge of the state legislatures after the 2020 elections gets to be in charge of that state’s redrawing of district lines!)

So, I can’t overstate how happy I was to see this article pop up in my feed: Democrats spending millions to try to take back statehouses  It’s full of tidbits that make my heart sing.

Like this:

In Virginia, where the GOP holds a slim majority, Democrats have outraised Republicans for the first time in years. Democrats are even putting some money in deeply Republican Louisiana.

And this:

And Democratic donors who gave little to nothing to down-ballot races in the past are cutting large checks to groups focused on state races, the AP’s analysis shows.

If you’re in need of a little pick-me-up, do read the article. If you’re already ready to go, and want to help, here are the organizations mentioned in the article that are seeing big gains–great, well-established organizations with deep roots in the Democratic party that you can donate to, too!

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC)

EMILY’s List

Democratic Governors Association

Priorities USA

National Democratic Redistricting Committee

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  1. Yes! One of the biggest disappointments I’ve had with Dems. Finally they just might be getting it. Republicans fight for long-term power…Dems more often than not have failed in that regard. Maybe tide is turning.

    • It’s our own version of the trickle-down myth. If we win federal elections, more wins will magically flow to down ballot races. Glad that we—the party and it’s donors—are realizing that doesn’t work.

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