Stacey Abrams Tackles Voter Suppression

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I love it when Stacey Abrams is in the news because it usually means that more people become aware of the problems around voter suppression. And if they are aware, they might be more inclined to help curtail it.

Modern voter suppression is all about making it as hard as possible for specific groups of voters to actually cast a vote. Barrier after barrier gets thrown up to make voting (and even registering to vote) as difficult as possible.

With an opinion piece about her in the New York Times, Stacey Abrams Is Playing the Long Game for Our Democracy, and appearances this weekend on various political shows, the word is out that Stacey Abrams has taken her project to tackle voter suppression to the next level. She has now officially launched her organization, Fair Fight, and their mission is one I think this country needs desperately.

Fair Fight is working to expand democracy and ensure all voters have access to the polls.

How will they do this? In addition to being the lead on the ongoing lawsuit against Georgia for its election policies, Fair Fight will be hiring people to tackle voter suppression in battleground states leading up to the 2020 election. They plan to focus on three things: voter registration, ballot access, and voter counting.

I encourage you to read more about what exactly Fair Fight will be doing.

And if you are inspired to help, you can donate, sign up for text or email updates, and/or if you’ve experienced voter suppression, tell them your story.

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  1. I love Stacey Abrams! I live in Georgia and voted for her for governor. And I will support her in Fair Fight.

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